Tshenkeng steps up as new Rivonia Circle chair

Lorato Tshenkeng has been appointed the new chairperson of political think-tank, Rivonia Circle.

This follows the departure of author and communications expert Songezo Zibi, who co-founded the non-profit company in 2022 with late Luzuko Koti, Tshenkeng and other board members, has left to pursue other interests.

Tshenkeng has had a long and diverse career which started off as an SA Air Force weather observer before being appointed air traffic controller.

He also worked at SA Airways both in the operations and corporate communications for two years before moving on to become one of the founding members of the Congress of the People (Cope).

“When Thabo Mbeki was fired [as president of SA, by his party ANC], I started a website called Friends of Democracy protesting the firing but also because there were many conversations happening around his firing and what that moment meant for democracy and SA,” Tshenkeng said.

“Seemingly it was a nice coup to put it bluntly and it was through that action I was one of the initial people who became founding members of Cope. That movement, even before it was announced I had been part of it for a while. I worked with [Bishop] Mvume Dandala who was the parliamentary leader of Cope in 2009 as his communications advisor until he left in March 2010,” Tshenkeng said….

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