In the 2024 elections the Rivonia Circle is on the side of the voter. We believe that voters are the true game-changers of these elections and encourage voters to engage actively with all parties and candidates in making voting choices. Mostly, voters should engage each other. Elections are a group assignment. Let’s work together to elect the next public representatives. 

#WetheVoter will decide the outcome of the #Elections2024

With the assistance of Thoko the Bot, we help you discover valuable voter resources and find polling information. Understanding why you choose to vote and why you choose not to vote is essential in the electoral process.

This way, the government is better informed, and so are you, empowering you to make informed decisions. We firmly believe that in our democratic society, every vote matters. Together, we can make a difference in shaping the tomorrow we want, by exercising your right and making your mark at the 2024 polls.

Thoko The Bot

Meet Thoko

Meet Thoko the Bot, your friendly virtual assistant! From answering to asking you questions and providing helpful information. Thoko is here to make your understanding of the electoral voting system smoother and more enjoyable.

Is 14 Days Enough?

Building Coalitions Post-2024 Elections: A Rivonia Circle Discussion Document.

As our nation approaches the possibility of its first coalition government at the national level, it becomes imperative to chart various paths for identifying and reforming legislation and regulations. This research document will serve as a collective effort to augment the legislative and policy aspects that should be addressed to improve the management and processes of coalitions in South Africa. Read our research report, compiled in partnership with the Danish Embassy, to explore our findings and recommendations.

Voter Conversation

Join Us

Join us in our voter conversation video as we explore the importance of your voice in shaping our future. Click to be part of the conversation!

SAIIA Electoral Reform Toolkit

Discover SAIIA’s Electoral Reform Toolkit — your go-to resource for insights into South Africa’s electoral landscape. Uncover expert perspectives, valuable resources, and tools to engage in shaping the future of democracy.

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