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What is the Democracy Builder?

The DEMOCRACY BUILDER is a structured listening tool. It is our flagship program which mobilises and supports communities of South Africans from all backgrounds and orientations to take action by building solutions to local problems they want to solve. Politics is the power to act. We all have some power to identify problems and act to change them.

The DEMOCRACY BUILDER program makes a politics practical. Redefining politics as the “power to act” the things that anyone can participate in to change our communities.

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Democracy Builder Process

Our Process

First, a conversation about democracy, governance, politics and activism, where people share their thoughts and experiences of these concepts. Secondly, we go into a discussion around the issues faced by participants in their communities and ask people to imagine what South Africa 2.0 would look like if the issues they face would be solved.

Lastly, we then co-create projects that will directly respond to issues within the community. We are communities to commit to a 6 week project, that they will plan and implement in their community.

Most projects have continued on beyond the initial 6 week time frame because people see the value their projects bring to them as the groups but also to the broader community and people want to do something that keeps them engaged in the democratic or governance process in an everyday kind of way.

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