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Policy Development.

The Policy and Research Unit was founded to produce cutting edge policy ideas and research outputs in order to reimagine our political institutions and culture, social policy, and political economy to support a more inclusive, just and prosperous society.

Our research and consultation methods centre people’s voices in unearthing expert knowledge from communities, stakeholders, and academic institutions. We focus on community-based projects led by activists, community members, civil society organisations and academics trying to solve problems faced today in ways that will shape policies for South Africa in the future.

Our work also includes case studies of best practices, community-based action research, surveys and focus groups, public lectures and seminars.

Our Work

List of Policy Streams.

  • Work modalities
    • Action Circles
      • Democracy Builder
      • Political Theatre
      • Town Hall Conversations
      • Circle Conversations
      • Research Conversations
      • Training Circles

Our latest document

Is 14 Days Enough?

Building Coalitions Post-2024 Elections: A Rivonia Circle Discussion Document.

As our nation approaches the possibility of its first coalition government at the national level, it becomes imperative to chart various paths for identifying and reforming legislation and regulations. This research document will serve as a collective effort to augment the legislative and policy aspects that should be addressed to improve the management and processes of coalitions in South Africa. Read our research report, compiled in partnership with the Danish Embassy, to explore our findings and recommendations.


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