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What is the Political Theatre?

The political theatre programme is designed to build political consciousness and allow people to generate political agency people through artistic expression. Workshops were hosted under the theme the ‘Power to act’, aligning with the ethos of strengthening people’s political participation.

Political theatre is an innovative end-to-end program that starts with a high intensity workshop for local arts practitioners, unlocking the power of political theatre as a means of expression. The aim of political theatre is to ensure a bustling and thriving local arts community, as well as local theatre building.

key outcomes

Process of the Political Theatre


  • Expose emerging artist to skills development through masterclasses to build capacity.
  • To conscientize artist to their role as active citizens
  • To do civic education on social issues like equality, violence, substance abuse with emerging artist
  • To do a showcase in local communities to express progressive nation-building messages.
  • Document the showcase performances to produce an online social awareness campaign.

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