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Stepping into the Rivonia Circle is an opportunity to be part of a community of change makers, who are ready to think, imagine, debate, support, take action and participate in the task of building the South Africa we want to live in tomorrow, starting today.

Learn more about our work and decide the role you would like to play in the Rivonia Circle.

There are different ways in which you can get involved with the with RC’s work


  1. As a Subscriber, you receive periodic emails with links to new articles, videos, speeches or notifying you of our events, which will take place across the country.
  2. As a Contributor, you can submit essays on selected topics, participate in our public dialogues as a panellist or facilitator or participate in digital productions. You can also choose areas of our work that align with what you already do, whether it is a passion or profession.
  3. As an Associate, you will participate in the implementation of the Rivonia Circle’s program, its committees, and structures.
  4. As a Partner, you or your organisation can collaborate with the Rivonia Circle Team on projects and Initiatives that are mutually beneficial

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