Action Circles

The Rivonia Circle is committed to being forward-thinking and solutions driven. While we recognise the need for dialogue, debate and sharpening of new ideas, we will not realise a different and better future for South Africa without collective and intentional social action.
Action Circles are community projects that are either initiated by Rivonia Circle in partnership with a community; or can be a project a community or organisation initiate that we can support. This may include a wide range of actions, such as, petitions, crowdfunding, activism, advocacy etc. The common thread is that the projects have clear and achievable short to medium term outcomes.

The Democracy Builder Initiative

Democracy means PEOPLE GOVERN themselves.

The DEMOCRACY BUILDER mobilises and supports communities to take action by together building solutions to local problems they want to solve. Politics is the power to act. We all have some power to identify problems and act to change them. The DEMOCRACY BUILDER makes politics a practical thing, anyone can participate in to change our communities.

The Democracy Builder has four phases:


– A one-day workshop on How Democracy Works

– A one-day workshop on activism and advocacy skills


– A one-day project planning session

– A 6 week project plan solving a local problem


– Project implementation

– Weekly progress meetings

– An event to celebrate completing the project


Project lessons are shared in a policy brief


Our first Democracy Builder will be hosted in Thohoyandou, Limpopo

from 9-10 February 2022.

You can apply to participate in this workshop here.


In partnership with KIDA organisation and the community of Mukula. KIDA is an organisation committed to social and educational development of young people in Limpopo. We are excited to partner with community activist who are already shaping the future today.

Follow the Democracy Builder Initiative and look out for a call to partnership with more communities in the weeks ahead.

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